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Basement Leak Repairs in Peterborough

Everything from a sudden change in weather and leaking gutters to burst pipes and foundation failures can lead to a wet basement. At Pristine Waterproofing in Peterborough, we provide basement leak repairs and understand how and why a basement takes on water. The most common place for basement seepage is the floor and wall joint. The footing, foundation wall, and concrete floor are three separate structures and inherently there are seams or joints.

Call us to check your foundations to ensure no water gets in.

Foundation Wall Cracks

The other common entry points for water are foundation wall cracks, tie holes, and leaky pipe penetrations. Wall cracks are generally shrinkage cracks; these cracks, therefore, do not lead to a significant structural threat to the home. However, they are a waterproofing concern and should be addressed by our experts.

Another entry point for water can be from over the top of the foundation wall. This usually occurs when an exterior grading or landscaping is brought up past the top of the foundation wall and into the framing. This is not only a waterproofing concern, but can also cause structural problems when the wood framing begins to rot.

Basement Crack Repairs

We offer crack repair services to protect your basement from water leakage.

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