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Crack Repairs in Peterborough

Is the outer wall or foundation of your home damaged? Rely on the professionals at Pristine Waterproofing in Peterborough. We offer crack repairs to protect you from the water, using our polyurethane product. Our polyurethane protection is a long-lasting solution that ensures no more water can get into your basement.


Even a small crack in your foundation can cause many problems. Whether your basement is used as a living space or just for storage purposes, proper basement and foundation maintenance is important to keep your home protected from water damage. Assuming your basement is currently dry and underground, and therefore, wall repairs are not necessary may prove to be a costly mistake! Let us visit your home and review your basement cracks before it is too late and repairs become expensive. Pristine Waterproofing offers a free, no-obligation walk-through review and quote.

A Range of Foundation Crack Repair Services

If a basement or foundation waterproofing inspection is not done regularly, cracks may occur, resulting in hidden leaks or warps. A spall (weathering of the concrete surfaces caused by increased moisture in the air) may be forming without the homeowner realizing it. A few other reasons for wall crack inspections are lack of support, penetration of tree roots, or poor original building quality. Book an appointment with us today! Our foundation crack repair services include:

Sealing wall cracks and pipe penetrations

Leaky water floor cracks

Water flooding through windows

Free Estimates for Concrete Repairs

From basement concrete cracks to sagging floor issues, we can fix them all.

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