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Keep Your Basement Dry

We make waterproofing and basement repairs affordable.

Foundation Waterproofing in the Peterborough Area

Your foundation is damp and leaky, and you do not know why. What should you do? To stop a leak, you need to know where the water is coming from, and that is where professionals like Pristine Waterproofing come in. Contact us for foundation waterproofing services in Peterborough. We’ll talk to you about when and where you have observed water or moisture. Then, we will examine your foundation on both inside and outside to see the evidence the water has left behind. After we have a sense of what the problem is and where it’s located, we can develop a free estimate for you that will include viable repair options and their associated costs.

Common Causes of Leaky Foundations

Common problems include foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundations, seepage at the cove joint (where the floor and wall meet) and seepage at the mortar joint (when water comes over the top of the foundation). The Pristine Waterproofing team can plug gaps with the best sealants available today and install membranes that effectively waterproof your foundation walls.

Whatever the problem, Pristine Waterproofing has a solution and provides long-lasting protection for your home.

We Are Your Trusted Waterproofing Contractors

No matter how new or old your home is, your foundation can be vulnerable to leaks and water damage. Whether it’s a slow, steady drip or a new issue that arises suddenly due to a massive downpour, you can rely on us for highly efficient waterproofing systems to repair the existing damage and prevent any future issues. We provide:

Foundation waterproofing

Concrete repairs

Crack repairs waterproofing

Exterior Membrane Protection

We can help you protect your basement from every side, insider and out. With our exterior membrane protection, you can get double the strength to ensure water does not get in. It is the ultimate way to ensure your basement is safe from water damage.


Contact Pristine Waterproofing in Peterborough today for a free waterproofing estimate. We offer you up-to-date, effective, and affordable options for waterproofing that will allow you to make your basement a gathering place for your family.

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